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CHOEWZ is a Tech start-up that brings together small, medium and large businesses and entrepreneurs in the tourism, food and hospitality industry. At the heart of a country’s cultural experience is meeting and interacting with its people with food being in the centre of it all. Culture revolves around food and food is essential to our day to day lives and to the tourism industry as a whole.

Every country has their own culture this means every country has their own version of tastes and preferences in flavours and ingredients. This gives CHOEWZ the opportunity to provide businesses and the public with a convenient service to experience different cultures under one platform. Read More...

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Ramon Quan Chan

Ramon Quan Chan is a young, vibrant individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. His passion for food, ambition and many years in the Tourism, Food and Hospitality industry both as a student and employee is what’s fuelled his dream.

His vision for CHOEWZ is; Connecting People, Food, Hospitality and Culture Globally.